Successful businesses aren’t just about generating huge sums of revenue and building a massive customer base. It should also stand for something socially good and environmentally advantageous. Running a business with no moral compass will lead to an unhappy and unfulfilling entrepreneurial venture.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of ways to invite the element of social good into your business. Here’s seven of them:

Include it in Your Company’s Mission and Vision

Make sure that it is clear to your employees and customers that your brand stands for social goodness. A part of your company’s mission statement should address its responsibilities to the local community and the lives it affects including customers, employees, and business partners.


Volunteering your time and your employees’ time to helping nonprofits cook food and feed the homeless or rescue abused pets is definitely a good use of your company’s collective time.

Make Friends

It can take time and money to build your own charity, and sometimes it makes more sense to work with existing charities. Partnering with a charity requires that businesses check their ego and pride at the door to seamlessly collaborate with nonprofits to identify sectors where help is most needed and execute on the right strategy.

Involve Your Employees

Talk with your employees about assuming social accountability. Encourage them to offer any ideas on what they are genuinely passionate about and try to redirect business resources to power these worthwhile causes. Not only does this step invite social goodness, but it also inspires higher employee engagement.

Involve Your Customers

Whenever you’re trying to do something socially good, get input from your customer base. Put up surveys on social media pages so your customers can vote on what they think you should prioritize.

Make it Easy For People to Get on Board

Advocacy campaigns are difficult to support when you don’t leave a lot of ways for people to participate. Some ways to ease participation include sending your call to action via SMS, having both a website and mobile app version of your business’ campaign, and sending email notifications to your customers.

Don’t Force It

Integrating social goodness into your business takes time. Don’t try to achieve everything overnight otherwise you might end up spreading yourself too thin. Take it step by step, making sure that each action you perform leaves the strongest possible impact to your target group.

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